Yamaha Raptor 700 Fuel Customs Intake

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Yamaha Raptor 700 Fuel Customs Intake

For you hardcore sand riders this is the system for you!

After months and numerous prototypes, we came up what we think is the ultimate intake
for the raptor 700. With the abundance of low to mid range power that raptor has,
we wanted to give the raptor more power in the over rev and carry the torque out
farther in the rev range. With our new tube and box design we just did that.
We were able to carry the power another 800 rpms and carry the torque out also.
We have seen 1.5 hp increase from 5000rpm on and 3hp at peak hp over the stock intake with a K&N type filter on it. This intake system can be run and bought in two different configurations. Box version and box delete kit. We make a custom box for the raptor because we felt the stock box was way too restrictive for our filter application. If you decide to purchase the box version you do have the option to run it both ways. It’s just two bolts to take it off. We recommend the box version for people who do trail riding and run in a lot of water and mud. If you’re a diner I would go with the non box version. The filters are our stand 8ply kick butt filters. The best on the market. The over rev this system gives you is phenomenal.


   Key Benefits:
 - Unique tapered design to create velocity
 - Enhanced filter protection
 - Improved throttle response
 - Increased hp and tq across the rpm range
 Parts Included In System

Tapered air horn tube
8 ply filter
2 rubber hoses for stock throttle body
Rubber adapter for stock throttle body
Hose Clamps
Tale light brackets

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