Polaris RZR 800 Heavy Duty Axle Shafts

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Polaris RZR 800 Heavy Duty Axle Shafts
These are the individual axles for the Lone Star Racing RZR 800 suspension kits.

The rear shafts have been upgraded to 300M material.

MTS +4 Axle Lengths
Front Axles = 20.175"
Rear Axles = 17.77"

XTR +8 Axle Lengths
Front Axles = 23.875"
Rear Axles = 21.50"
09-10 "S" Model Rear = 21.35"
11 "S" Model Rear = 21.75"

XTR +6 Axle Lengths
Front Axles = 22.375"
Rear Axles = 19.18"
09-10 "S" Model Rear = 19.18"
11 "S" Model Rear = 19.5"
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