Can-Am Maverick R Chromoly Race Chassis

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Full Tube 4130 chromoly tig welded race chassis

Chassis is 4” wider in the belly in order to comfortably fit a 34 gallon center mounted fuel cell

Center fuel cell allows for a lower seat mount and lower overall cage height which improves the center of gravity and gives the car a more aggressive look

Front wheel well has an extra inch of clearance

Designed for a 3-piece skid plate which has a replaceable rear section as that section tends to see the most abuse during racing

Large window openings

Designed with a rear mounted CBR radiator that has a 30 degree core which reduce drag while still allowing maximum cooling efficiency 

Legal for all main race organizers

Adjustable seat mounts and foot base mounts to provide the driver/co driver with ultimate comfort

Designed with upgraded Wilwood brake master cylinder to give you a firmer pedal and better performance

Removable rear transmission mount to help with serviceability

Rear section of chassis is completely removable to make motor swaps and service that much easier

Many small access panels to improve serviceability

Radio and coms mounted above the passenger

Dash is completely customizable to fit your all of your instrument cluster/gauges/accessory needs

Custom one piece carbon fiber rear fenders included with chassis

AGM jack mount that requires no tools to remove the jack

We can provide custom mounts for any accessories you may want to add

Wire stringers through the frame to keep everything clean and organized

Welded wire tie tabs through the frame to keep things clean

Heavy duty integrated side mirrors

Custom number plates

Hostyle window nets

Chassis comes complete with all sheet metal work shown in the pictures as well as necessary firewalls, and a center console

The chassis is very customizable with tons of options. Please give us a call if you have any questions or anything you would like to change/add

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