Honda TRX250R & ATC250R Billet Sprocket Hub

Part #: (26-161)
Starting from $142.00

The Billet Sprocket Hubs are made to work with the stock or Axcalibar Racing Axles. They are designed to shave weight and provide excellent looks in comparison to OEM hubs.  Each hub has been tested under all riding conditions to ensure optimum performance. The hub features zinc coated steel rings where the hub comes in contact with the bearings and seals to prolong long life.

Fits 1985 ATC250R & 1986-1989 TRX250R

1) All Honda Pattern Hubs are a Press Fit part and must be installed by a professional.
2) Fitment on the 1985 ATC250R will require the use of 1986-1989 TRX250R style sprocket and sprocket bolts.

Price: $142.00

Photos of Honda TRX250R & ATC250R Billet Sprocket Hub