RZR 170 Products Walker Evans Racing coil over RZR-170 shocks 2.0

Starting from $887.98

High quality performance shocks play a big part in the control you have while driving your RZR-170. The Polaris RZR-170 is a great starter UTV for your child to get into racing. These RZR shocks add race style valving and attributes with out compromising low speed handling or compliance. Walker Evans Racing has been leading the way in the 170 Class. These feature our factory tuned valving will help you soak up the terrain and improve overall stability.These 2.0" Hi/Low adjustable shocks are the top of the line for your RZR-170. If you child is getting into racing these are the way to go!

Fits most L/T Kits , Check Fitment

Front Shocks

Ex. 16.513 / Col. 11.330" 

Rear Shocks

Ex. 17.625" / Col. 12.428"

Walker Evans 2.0" Hi/Low Compression Coilover Shocks 

Spring Color may vary

After market exhaust is required , HMF works the best coming out the side rather than out the back 

Price: $887.98