Maverick X DS Engine & Acc. Bel Ray Molylube Heavy Duty CV Grease

Part #: (GR-BEL6770)
Starting from $44.95

Molylube Anti-Seize Compound is a non-melting, organo-clay grease with 40% of molybdenum disulfide, or moly, and graphite lubricating solids. Molylube Anti-Seize Compound is an Extreme Pressure grease that protects threads from galling, seizing and fretting. A virtually waterproof oil, it provides excellent rust and corrosion protection for assembled parts. Molylube Anti-Seize Compound is an excellent tool joint compound for pipe threads and collars with easy make up and low break out torques. Useful temperature range -184ºC to 399ºC (-300ºF to 750ºF).

Price: $44.95