Honda 400EX Elka Shock Protectors

Part #: (EF-G1)
Starting from $79.95


  • Lightweight shock protector made of durable polypropylene plastic composite material
  • Design optimized to combine strenght, protection and weight savings
  • 2-Piece design that includes a CNC-machined (billet aluminum) spring retaining clip
  • Fits existing Elka Suspension shocks (see fitment and compatibility below)
  • Weights only 7.1 oz (204 gr.) for the pair


  • Protection of the shock�s shaft from damage caused by flyings debris such as roost, rocks, sand and more that could lead to premature wear and/or oil leaks
  • Enhanced look and functionality to further protect your investment
  • Helps prevent expensive repairs and downtime for racing applications


  • 7-1/4� high (185mm), 3-1/4� maximum outside diameter (83mm)
  • Fits existing Elka Suspension shocks (36mm body) in emulsion, piggyback or remote reservoir configurations
  • Fits most popular vehicles and aftermarket a-arms applications


Price: $79.95