Axcalibar Racing Axles Honda TRX250R & ATC250R

Part #: (10-119)
Starting from $449.00

Axcalibar Pro Racing Axles are one of the most highly recommended axles on the market for both racers and recreational riders. Each axle is backed by a true FULL LIFETIME WARRANTY unsurpassed by any other axle manufacturer. Each axle is precision machined to exact OEM specifications so all stock or Lonestar Racing accessories can be used. The axles are built from a special stainless material so you no longer have to worry about chrome chipping or rust. Axcalibar axles are easy to install and vastly improve the stability of your ATV while providing extraordinary strength and radiant looks. Axle is fully adjustable for each riders needs.


TRX250R 1986-1989

ATC250R 1985

1) Fitment on the 1985 ATC250R will require the use of 1986-1989 TRX250R style chain sprocket and sprocket bolts. 85 might require use of our locknut.

2) Adjustability is from +1" to +4" wider than stock

3) Axle includes billet aluminum sprocket hub, 6 spacers, 2 tapered spacers, 2 axle nuts, and 2 hitch pin clips.

Price: $449.00

Photos of Axcalibar Racing Axles Honda TRX250R & ATC250R

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