Yamaha YFZ450 Chromoly Chassis - Yamaha Yfz450

Starting from $2,450.00

This new chassis has many features and improvements. One of the most popular improvements is in the sub-frame. The chassis is offered with an improved 4 point system as shown in the picture or a 6 point sub frame that also includes the stock mounting locations. Another option is for the double upper a-arm mount as shown. This will accommodate the regular LSR YFZ450 race arms by eliminating the steel cross tube and using 4 extra cone spacers sold separately. This allows for a stronger mounting point and easier caster adjustment. The third feature is a replaceable billet aluminum front fender mount. Other common features include the optional pro-peg mounting bars and choice of powder coat color. This chassis retains all other OEM component locations so no other custom products are required.

Price: $2,450.00