RZR 800 Engine & Accessories Procom CDI Computer - RZR 800

Part #: (CDI-RZR1)
Starting from $299.00

The Procom FULLY Reprogrammable High performance ECU+EFI (2 in 1)
Application: POLARIS RZR 800 (Year 08-10)

This unit comes with super powerful pc-programming operation software.

  1. You can map your own fuel maps, timing maps, TPS maps and much more...
  2. This unit allow you to increases/decreases your REV. Limit up to 2500RPM.
  3. This unit allow you to gain all kind of your desired performance.
  4. This unit allow you to  increase the fuel up to 80%.
  5. This unit allow you  to advance the timing up to 32 degree.
  6. This unit  is already pre-mapped, just plug in and go unless you want make your own desired maps.

Procom has the only 2 in 1 high performance ECU.
It is not a Piggyback, It is a direct plug in unit.

Price: $299.00