RZR 170 Products KC 2" Cyclone LED Light

Starting from $29.99

KC Cyclone LED is a multi-functional and compact auxiliary LED lighting solution. Originally designed for Off Road Racers as an interior dome light, the Cyclone LED light has evolved into an all-purpose light for rock crawling, engine bays, wheel wells and an infinite amount of off road lighting applications. This is due to its compact 2.2″ diameter, flat .53" height and powerful 1,100 Raw Lumens.


·         LED Accessory Light

·         5w

·         1100 Raw Lumens

·         2.2" Wide x .53" Deep

·         Runs on 6v - 16v

·         Attaches via Dzeus Clip or Other Hardware

·         IP 68 Rated Waterproof

·         Protected against RFI/EMC Interference

·         Sold Individually (each)

Price: $29.99

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