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Part #: (FC-AC00)
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 Fuel Customs Pre-Filters are designed to keep out larger particles of    street debris such as rubber, dirt, and sand from getting into and clogging the pleats of
air filter elements. Premature clogging of an air filter will result in loss of   horsersepower and an increase in service intervals.
They are uniquely designed to protect your engine and the performance
air filter investment without sacrificing airflow or horsepower.
Particles as small as .005" are filtered out extending filter life.
Even in harsh conditions including heavy moisture,  it will enhance your filter's
ability to continue flowing the necessary air required for maximum performance
while reducing the possibility of water ingestion into the engine.
Proper use of a Pre-filter will save money on filter cleanings or replacements and
extend engine life. Customers are reporting increased fuel efficiency.

Fuel Customs Pre-filters are used and recommended by
top professional engine builders and race teams worldwide.
They will help prevent needless engine wear and tear, which will be obvious upon
engine analysis during rebuilding.

Key Benefits:
- Protects engine and air filter
- Keeps out larger particles of debris down to .005"
- Prevents debris form prematurely clogging filter pleats
- Reduces service intervals and extends filter life
- Saves Money 
 Parts Included In System

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Price: $20.00