Drive & Brake Components T.M. Designworks Slide-N-Guide Kit

Starting from $129.95

  • The YFZ450R & YFZ450X stock chain slider is vastly inferior for the horsepower and suspension this machine provides.
  • This is the most popular and reliable mod you MUST do to your YFZ450R! Install the TM Designworks slider on your stock aluminum swingarm today!
  • The lower Powerlip roller and rear chain guide with aluminum mounting bracket complete this awesome bolt-on kit.
  • All components are backed by a 1-year wear warranty. Replaceable rear Chain Guide roller is 90 days.
  • You can still use your stock plastic skid plate with this kit. Simple bolt on like stock.

• Yamaha YFZ450R & YFZ450X (2009-2013)

Price: $129.95