Drive & Brake Components T.M. Designworks Slide-N-Guide Kit

Starting from $129.95


  • Complete Slide-N-Guide Kit for Suzuki LTR450 stock and aftermarket swingarms.
  • Used exclusively by Team Suzuki ATV the past three seasons.
  • The stock components are not durable and wear very quickly.
  • Our kit includes the TMD Front Super protector, lower/upper Powerlip roller and rear chain guide which will increase chain control to help suspension performance and substantially outlast any stock Suzuki component.
  • Comes with all necessary hardware and uses stock mount.
  • The rear chain guide has a replaceable Powerlip Roller and the Slider and Rear Chain Guide body is guaranteed to not wear out or break for one full year. (USA only, excluding shipping and handling).

• Suzuki LTR450 (2006-2012)

Price: $129.95